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80s music quiz

If you love music and you love a good quiz, then we have got you covered with some super fun music quizzes. We are constantly adding to all our quizzes, whether it’s a Christmas quiz, or general fun quizzes. 

Grab your mates, family, or co-workers or simply test yourself, to see how many music quiz questions you can answer. 

All of our music quizzes have a free printable version in PDF format which you are welcome to download and print at home. To get your copy of the music quiz simply head to your chose quiz, read through the questions and check it’s the right quiz for you, then fill out your name and email in any of the mailing boxes provided on the article. You will get a confirmation email and then the secret password to the exclusive reader resource library. 

Music Trivia Quiz 50 Questions and Answers
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List of Music Quizzes

80s Music Quiz

– 40 music questions and answers from the decade of perms, mullets, and blue eyeshadow. 

90s Music Quiz

– 50 music questions and answers from the decade that brought us grunge, hiphop, britpop, and more.

2000s Music Quiz

– 50 music questions and answers from the decade that brought us reality tv shows and hair straighteners. 

Music Lyric Quiz (Finish the Lyrics)

– 40 music lyrics questions and answers covering genres such as pop, rock, hiphop, and a finish the lyrics round.

General Music Trivia Quiz

– 50 family-friendly fun music trivia questions and answers covering artists, pop stars, bands, movies, and more. 

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