Guide For Sledging This Winter

If you’re like us and love playing out in the snow when you get the chance you’ve come to the right place. Sledging is one of the best activities to do in the snow with a partner, friend, family member or a large group of you. But what do you need for sledging? We’ve got you covered, we’ve listed everything you need for sledging this snow day. 

Even though it involves a lot of work, all that walking up the hill, it is entirely worth it in the end when you are laughing the whole way down. 

We’ve pulled together some advice and things you will need when it comes to sledging, before and after. Meaning that when you are blessed with having a snow day, you are fully prepared for your day out in the snow sledging, having snowball fights and enjoying the snow to the max!

Photo by Michal Janek on Unsplash

Preparing Before Going Into The Snow

Now you might be thinking that all you really need to do is to put on your warmest clothes grab your sledge and head out into the snow. You’re not entirely wrong that is what you do, but there is so much more to do when preparing for bracing the cold snowy weather. So here’s everything you need for sledging. 

Make sure you have a hearty breakfast consisting of some warm and yummy or something that fills you up ready for a full day of snow fun. Pack a banana or a snack with you as well so that you have something to eat to fill that hunger after all that running around.

Make yourself and whoever you are going with a thermos filled with your favourite hot beverage. That way you can enjoy a warm drink whilst out in the snow. You should also take a bottle of water with you so that you remain hydrated throughout the fun and games of playing in the snow. 

You should also put on your warmest clothes you have to brace the snowy weather. Though make sure you can actually move in them! You ideally should wear some of your best thermals and lots of layers so you can remove layers if you get too hot. Wear snow boots or walking boots that way your feet are protected and can actually protect you against the snow. 

Photo by Roger Darnell on Unsplash

Everything You Need Whilst Out In The Snow

Try and stay hydrated when you are out and about in the snow. That doesn’t mean just eat the snow, I mean you can but it’s best not to, to be honest. Just don’t forget your sledge either!

You can use a tray or anything flat you have that you don’t mind getting damp from the snow. Though I don’t recommend bin bags or plastic bags, yes they do work but for one you can feel everything underneath you. Secondly, you can go very fast which can be dangerous if there are people around you. 

As you’ll be moving around a fair bit you may find yourself getting a bit warm. Meaning that you can remove some of the layers that you are wearing. However, don’t remove too many, you may not feel it at the time but you can get end up getting rather ill if you don’t stay warm in the cold. 

Spend a reasonable amount of time out in the snow. You want to enjoy the snow and have fun. Though try and give yourself breaks and go back inside for toilet breaks and meals. Also, it means you won’t catch a cold. 

But most importantly when out in the snow…HAVE FUN! If you’re like us and don’t really get many snow days, relish in it! Have snowball fights. Have sledging races. Build snowmen and make Olaf, Ana and Elsa proud! Don’t forget to take lots of photos and videos too to treasure those snow day memories. 

Once back from Snow
Photo by: Unknown

Once Back Inside

Once you’ve made it back inside after a fun-filled day of sledging, games and snow fun. Get changed into your comfiest outfit, that could be your pj’s if you really wanted. 

Stick the kettle on and make yourself and whoever you’re with a warm drink (if you want to and like hot drinks of course). You should also have a glass of water or two just to keep hydrated. 

Before all that, of course, you could wind down by having a relaxing bath or a quick shower to warm up (don’t have the water too high though). Then have a little pampering session by sticking on your dressing gown, put on your favourite Christmas movie or tunes and do a face mask or just chill out by snacking on your favourite Christmas snack

Then reminisce with your family and friends over the fun you had that day, sharing jokes and laughter. You could even continue the fun by playing games throughout the evening and enjoying delicious food. 

Guide to sledging this winter