15 Christmas Garlands

We love a good garland. They are actually pretty versatile as a decorative piece in your Christmas decor theme. You can drape them over pretty much which ever surface your can find around the home. And definitely think about incorporating them into different rooms in the house. You can hang garlands on the fireplace mantlepiece, over door frames, windows, and cupboards. Think about dressing the outside of the house with Christmas garlands for extra kerbside impact.

Christmas garlands range from the budget options up to luxury styles. You can buy them in the store, online, or make your own. We have included some craft and DIY ideas below, please how to dress them up creatively. 

Enjoy choosing your Christmas garlands this year!

Orange Garland

Orange Garland
Photo – Lindsay Salazar on House of Jade Interiors

Another one of our favourite must-do Christmas crafts. It is pretty easy to to do and looks so pretty draped over the mantlepiece. Simply slice some oranges and dry out in a low-heated oven. Then thread together. That’s pretty much it! 

Rustic Christmas Garland

Rustic Christmas Garland Pine Cones
Photo – Good House Keeping

Using a simple decorative addition of pine cones, this rustic Christmas garland makes for a cosy addition to the fireplace. Found in this beautiful log cabin in Tennessee, it’s easy-going and will match most Christmas decorative themes.

Epic Door Pine Cone Garland

Photo – Good HouseKeeping

Go big with this giant pine cone garland to frame your front door. It’s dramatic, it’s extra, it’s possibly over-the-top, but we love it. Make a statement this Christmas and garland up the front of your house. 

Simple Green Garland

Green Kitchen Garland
Photo – Good HouseKeeping

Don’t forget that garlands can be used almost anywhere in the home. So don’t forget to decorate your kitchen this winter. This lovely simple piece of greenery adds a touch of elegance to the sink area of the kitchen.

Pine Cone Garland

pine cone garland
Photo – Ballard Designs

Possibly one of the easiest Christmas DIY’s you could do, or buy one from the store. Either way, a pure pine cone garland is super striking draped around the fireplace. 

Table Garlands

Table Garlands
Photo – Julie Blanner

Table garlands are super popular for weddings and events throughout the year, so it makes total sense that it would work well at Christmas. Simple choose some fresh evergreen and lay across a long table around some simple candles. The fragrance will be so inviting as your guests sit down for dinner.

Christmas Cards Garlands

Christmas Card Garland
Photo – Nine and Sixteen

Double up on your decor function by creating a Christmas cards garland to hang around the doorframe.  Use simple wooden pegs to attach any Christmas cards your receive to your extra thick evergreen garland.

Fresh Green with Red Ribbon Garland

Red Ribbon Garland
Photo – Thistlewood Farms

The pop of red given to the evergreen garland really makes it stand out in the snow. Buy some reels of red ribbon and simple tie to strands of the garland, allowing the length to tumble down. 

Bedroom Garland

Bedroom Garland
Photo – Stone Gable

Get festive in the bedroom with this garland bedecked with twinkly fairy lights. We love how cosy this looks draped over the headboard.

Apple Garland

Apple Garland
Photo – Kim Cornelison on Country Living

This could make a stunning garland starting in autumn or fall when apples first come into season. Imagine the fresh fragrance that fills the room with these apples tied through an evergreen garland.

Felt Garland

Felt Garland
Photo – Amazon

Add some fun to your garland choices with this felt garland in the shape of holly. Would like fab in the kid’s bedroom.

Advent Calendar Garland

Advent Calendar Garland
Photo – Annie Schlechter on Country Living

Incorporate your homemade advent calendar into your garland. For this DIY the advent calendar consists of small silver buckets attached to a large fluffy garland.

Crochet Christmas Garland

Crochet Snowflake Garland
Photo – unknown

Erm… how adorable are these crochet Christmas garlands. Have a quick search on Pinterest and you’ll find a bunch of tutorials. This is a fab idea if you’re a dab hand with the crochet. Original crochet pattern found here.

Eucalyptus Garland

eucalyptus garland
Photo – Your DIY family

With its large leaf size and desaturated colour, plus amazing fragrance, it’s easy to see why eucalyptus is so popular on Pinterest and Instagram. For a contemporary look a eucalyptus garland is a great choice.

Bauble / Ornaments Garland

Baubles Garland
Photo – Birds Party

We love how dramatic and fun this baubles garland is. It makes a nice change from the greenery of traditional wreaths, and adds shine and shimmer to the decor. 

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