10 Bauble Window Display Ideas: Striking Ways To Hang Ornaments In The Window

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Walking down the high street you may spot a few bauble window displays and we think they’re pretty cute.  The fun thing about them is that you can recreate them at home using baubles and string.

Baubles aren’t only for the Christmas tree, you can hang them by your window to make an awesome display. Here are some cute inspiration pictures that you can base your own display on!

How To Hang Up A Bauble Window Display?

When it comes to hanging one up you need to make sure you have something to secure it to. That could be the curtain pole or small hooks attached above the window.

Next, you need to make sure you have craft wire or ribbon or string. This will be used to hang up the baubles and whatever other ornaments you want to hang up. You need to make sure you have a lot of it so you can have the baubles hanging visibly through the window.

You’ll also need some time, so you can thread the ribbon through the bauble top and then hang them. It’s a lot like hanging them on trees, but it’s a window.

Giant Bauble Display

Giant bauble display
Image from Steele & Cox on Pinterest

As they say, the bigger the better! This display is simple but attention-grabbing because of the sheer size of the baubles. Use giant baubles to hang in the window.

If you want to spend less time hanging baubles, this is a perfect display to recreate. We love this because it is extremely eye-catching.

The More The Merrier

window displays baubles
Image from

Using smaller baubles will allow you to use quite a few on a window display. Giving your window a curtained look but made out of hanging baubles. You can also set them up at different heights to give the display a fuller look. We love this because it looks wonderful.

Doodle Display

Christmas ornaments drawn on window decoist
Image from

If you don’t want to buy or DIY a stencil you can always freehand. With some non-permanent chalk white markers, you can make yourself a quick and easy window display this Christmas. We love this because all you need is a white marker and a window to do it.

Let It Snow

Hanging ornament window display
Image from

Using other hanging ornaments, like the snowflake ornaments shown above, can really add a personal touch to your bauble display. We love this because it is a fun touch to your window display.

Bauble Tree

Hanging Bauble tree
Image from Kristina Hessling

Hanging baubles in the shape of a tree by your window could make an awesome display. It looks like it takes a lot of time but it looks amazing after. We love it because it is very unique and will definitely make you the talk of the neighbourhood.

Nature Lover

natural ornament window display
Image from lenebjerredesign on Instagram

Using a branch from your Christmas tree as a base for your Christmas bauble window display, you can get a really natural look. It also brings the tree to the window. You can hang baubles and other fun ornaments on the branch. We love this because it gives a great rustic vibe.

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Stencil Design

Stencil bauble window display
Image from

For a fun and easy alternative to hanging ornaments, using a bauble stencil on your window will take out most of the hassle of creating a bauble window display. 

Sticker Display

red and white bauble stickers
Image from

Another simple way of doing a bauble display, all you need are some cute bauble stickers in the shape of baubles. We found some cute bauble stickers on Etsy and we love them because they are easy to put on and remove.

Hang in clusters

christmas bauble display
Photo – source unknown

Another creative way to display Christmas ornaments in the windows is to attach them together in a cluster with red ribbon. It makes for a striking effect and sure to grab attention from people passing by. We love the clear baubles look in this photo.

Pile of Baubles

Dior Store Christmas Bauble Display
Photo – Window Display Bangkok

Get creative and be inspired by this store window display by Dior in Bangkok with a pile of baubles filling the area. The metallic baubles are super striking grouped together by colour.

Christmas Bauble Window Displays