Get Stuffed! The Christmas-Themed Card Game

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Get Stuffed! is a wonderful Christmas-themed card game that will be enjoyed by friends and family of all ages and bring a sleigh-load of merriment to Christmas tables this year.

In the game you become an elf in Santa’s workshop, competing with all the other elves to be the first to stuff your stocking with all the required items on your unique stocking list before anyone else.

The ‘Help YoursELF’ action cards provide you with an array of options to swap, trade or steal items from other players and cause all kinds of other chaos to your fellow elves along the way. On every turn you get to decide whether to try and help yourself acquire more items or cause havoc to another player – and occasionally you will get to do both!

There is a much-coveted Santa card which will protect you and offer complete immunity from all the other elves’ devilish actions – for as long as you can hold onto it. To add to the mayhem there are a host of ‘Noel the Coal’ cards constantly flying around that you need to try and avoid or offload – if you are unlucky enough to end up with three of these in your stocking you will be fired from the workshop and eliminated from the game. Don’t worry though, each game moves pretty swiftly so you will only have to wait a few minutes to join in the next game and it’s almost as much fun spectating as it is taking part.

Get Stuffed Christmas Game

The details

Get Stuffed! is a 2-6 player game but really works best with 3-6 players. The more players, the greater the chaos. Children will need to be able to read the action cards to play independently so ages 8+ is recommended but younger children can always team up with an adult and still get involved in the game.

They will particularly enjoy policing some of the rules that mean players have to say “Ho! Ho! Ho! I’m stealing Santa” when claiming the Santa card or “Oh no! Noel the Coal” when receiving these, as there are penalties for forgetting to do this.

Get Stuffed! is simple to learn, easy to play and exceedingly satisfying to win. And there is always great hilarity if Grandma wins when she shouts “Get Stuffed!” to the rest of the family.

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Get Stuffed is available on Kickstarter from 1st-31st August with a Kickstarter Exclusive card.

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It will be available from Clemanor Games from October 1st.

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