97 Things To Do This Easter

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Looking for some ideas for Easter? If you want some inspiration on fun activities for Easter this year we have pulled together an epic list of things to do this springtime to help you. 

Our list includes traditional easter activities such as organising an Easter egg hunt, attending a church service, or making Easter bonnets. As well as fun Easter family activities such as organising Easter games tournament, baking creme egg brownies, or painting dyed eggs. 

It’s nice to have an Easter activity or two scheduled into your calendar ready for the spring break. After a few years of not being able to mix and see people, it’s nice to have the chance to celebrate the coming of brighter days, sunshine, and positivity. 

So decorate your home, gather some flowers, treat yourself to some chocolate and look through the list for all kinds of ideas for things to do this Easter at home, and outside. 

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Easter Games Bundle examples

Things To Do This Easter

Traditional Easter Activities

  1. Organise an Easter egg hunt
  2. Hang an Easter wreath
  3. Make an Easter bonnet
  4. Decorate your house with daffodils
  5. Go to an Easter church service
  6. Read about the Easter story
  7. Watch The Passion of Jesus for free in Trafalgar Square
  8. Learn about other culture’s Easter traditions
  9. Celebrate the pagan festival of spring and fertility
  10. Buy a new clothes  
  11. Take time to reflect on the first quarter of this year
  12. Host an Easter Monday buffet
  13. Buy a new notebook for the new season
  14. Donate to charity instead of giving gifts

Easter Family Activities

  1. Make an Easter bunny trail
  2. Create an Easter egg hunt checklist
  3. Organise a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt
  4. Snuggle up for a pyjamas and movie day
  5. Do a spring themed photoshoot with your family
  6. Send handwritten cards to your loved ones
  7. Visit your relatives
  8. Make a spring-themed playlist on Spotify
  9. Go on a blossom walk
  10. Forage in your local woodland
  11. Build a blanket fort
  12. Be brave and host an early spring barbecue
  13. Spend some time printing out family photos for an album or scrapbook
  14. Make a plan to enjoy spring over the next few months
  15. Host an afternoon tea with cake
Things To Do This Easter List

Fun Activities for Easter

  1. Play some Easter games (get the Easter games bundle to download and print at home)
  2. Make cute bunny nose masks
  3. Make Easter chick handprint cards
  4. Fold a bunny napkin
  5. Start a gratitude journal
  6. Crochet some easter eggs
  7. Have a pamper day
  8. Or visit your favourite spa
  9. Host a family games tournament
  10. Make DIY dyed eggs with natural colour
  11. Play a prank on April Fool’s Day
  12. Make painted Easter eggs
  13. Try your hand at chocolate sculpting
  14. Hit up the spring sales at the shops
  15. Reconnect with an old friend


Outings and Events for Easter

  1. Visit an organised Easter egg hunt at a historic site
  2. Host a themed brunch
  3. Attend an Easter parade
  4. Attend a recital on Good Friday (such as Handel’s Messiah at the Royal Albert Hall)
  5. Visit an Easter market (such as this one at Holkham Hall)
  6. Take wander around a car boot sale
  7. See the puffins on Skomer Island
  8. Visit an Easter fair
  9. Visit a local farm to see the baby animals
  10. Visit a new museum
  11. Marvel at art at your local gallery
  12. Support a local independent business
  13. Visit an English Heritage site
  14. Visit a National Trust site
  15. Take a mindfulness retreat
  16. Go stay in a castle in England
  17. Have a picnic (possibly in the car if it rains!)
  18. Take a roadtrip somewhere new
  19. Take a bike ride
  20. Find bluebells in the woodland
  21. Go on an adventure day out


Easter Food

  1. Cook roast dinner (our slow-cooked lamb is delicious)
  2. Bake a creme egg cake
  3. Make a creme egg cheesecake
  4. Make creme egg brownies
  5. Bake hot cross buns
  6. Make boiled eggs for breakfast
  7. Make Easter fruit kabobs
  8. Make tear and share hot cross buns
  9. Make creme egg milkshakes
  10. Eat ALL the chocolate
  11. Make pickled eggs
  12. Bake a simnel cake
  13. Try hot cross bun gin
  14. Try a vegan chocolate easter egg


Easter Home

  1. Spring clean your house
  2. Declutter your garage or shed
  3. Donate unwanted clothes to charity
  4. Do an online declutter
  5. Take a digital detox
  6. Decorate your house with Easter-themed decorations
  7. Make a floral backdrop for your home
  8. Buy a spring diffuser to scent the home
  9. Create a beautiful Easter themed table display
  10. Create an epic floral arrangement
  11. Decorate your mantelpiece
  12. Buy some bulbs for the garden
  13. Make pom-pom bunny bunting
  14. Pick up some new plants at your local garden centre
  15. Make an Easter egg tree
  16. Buy the cook in the family a new seasonal apron
  17. Buy a new spring scent
  18. Update your living room with new cushions

What is your favourite thing to do at Easter?


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