Disney Christmas Crafts

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If you are also a huge lover of Disney and of crafting you have come to the right place. If you have already read our 11 Christmas Crafts For Kids To Make, then you can adopt any of our ideas here to them. We’ve listed some fun Disney related crafts you can do with your friends and family the days following up to Christmas Day. 

While you are creating these magical crafts you could even watch some classic Disney films on Disney+ if you have it or listen to a Disney soundtrack on Spotify to keep the Disney spirit high. 

Disney obviously has a fair few franchises within the company such as Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and Disney itself (Princesses, etc.). with the following ideas listed you can change and apply your favourite Disney theme or franchise to the craft to make it personal to you. 

Tinkerbell Baubles/Ornaments

Tinkerbell Bauble
Photo by: https://www.pixiedustsavings.com

When it comes to creating baubles you can do anything to them in regards to decorating and making them Disney related. You could create a bauble with Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Captain America’s shield from Captain America: The First Avenger or even Tinkerbells wings from Peter Pan they say ‘all you need is faith, trust, and pixie dust’.

All you need is some clear baubles, or coloured ones if you know exactly what you are going to make.

Then gather the materials you think you’ll need for any accessories; paper or card to cut out and make wings if you choose to make a Tinkerbell bauble.

All you will really need is either paint or pens and a pencil to sketch out your Disney Christmas Bauble design. 

To make your baubles a little more magical, if you choose to buy clear baubles, by pouring some glue with water or floor finish into your baubles swirl it around and leave to drain.

After you can pour some glitter in and swirl that around so that the glitter sticks to the inside of the bauble.

Or just simply fill the bauble halfway or less with glitter so that when you shake it the glitter shakes around inside.

Mickey Mouse Wreaths

Mickey Mouse Christmas Wreath
Photo by: https://insidethemagic.net

One of our favourite Disney Christmas crafts, this Christmas you could make your very own Mickey Mouse Christmas Wreath.

By purchasing two or three (just in case) Christmas wreaths, carefully removing one of the wreaths garlands from the wiring and then distributing the garland across two small circular forms to represent the ears.

You will be left with one intact wreath which is Mickey’s face and with your new handmade wreath ears, you can attach the ears to the face of Mickey. Leaving you with your Mickey Mouse Wreath to hang on your door or even decorate further with some ribbon or small baubles. 

Toy Story Christmas Tree Toppers

Luxo Ball from Toy Story
Photo by: https://family.disney.com

Rather than sticking with either the traditional Angel or Star Christmas Tree Topper, this Christmas top your tree with something from your favourite Disney film. This could be Ellie and Carl’s House with balloons from UP, The Sun from Tangled or the Luxo Ball from Toy Story

The Luxo Ball from Toy Story still has a star on the decoration, so this is perfect if you want to incorporate the classic star aspect within your Disney craft creation. All you need is red, yellow and blue paper, some glue and some scissors. This easy and fun Christmas Tree Topper will be a great alternative for your tree this year!

And we adore this Mickey Mouse tree topper.

Mickey Mouse Sign Posts

Disney Signposts
Photo by: Unknown

To help your guests and Santa find their way to your house, make some signs to guide them to gift central. If you are able to you can buy some planks of wood and paint them to make sturdy long-lasting signs to not only last you through this year but following years after. If you are unable to purchase planks of wood, poster board or even cardboard will do just as well.

By painting your design onto your chosen material you will be able to create large signposts for your guests and Santa to follow.

Your signposts could even be specifically for the kiddies of the family, guiding them on a quick scavenger hunt before they open their presents. 

Incredibles Greetings Cards

Disney Christmas Cards
Photo by: https://www.sizzix.co.uk

A simple yet sentimental Christmas Craft you could do this year is making your very own Disney Christmas Cards. Not only is this a great act of kindness to show during the holiday season, but it also means you get to create personalised Christmas cards for your loved ones this Christmas to remind them of what they mean to you. 

To make your own Disney Christmas Card all you need is different coloured paper, coloured pens and any other accessories you want to use to decorate your card with. 

Olaf Lolly Stick Puppets

Olaf Lolly Stick Puppet
Photo by: https://www.coffeecupsandcrayons.com

Much like in the 11 Christmas Crafts For Kids To Make, lolly stick puppets are a great decoration for your tree. You can even put them around the house, have them as a table decoration or for kiddies perhaps even adults to use to put on performances for friends and family. 

With your lolly stick puppets, you could add a paper plate to the top/halfway up your lolly stick so you can have more space to draw your characters face. You just need, paper plates, lolly sticks and coloured pens/pencils and any other accessories you desire. 

You can even use these as masks for when you put performances on for the whole family.

Rupunzel Garlands

Tangled Chrsitmas Tree Garland
Photo by:

You can make Disney garlands this Christmas to either go around your house or to be put on your tree. From either making the classic mickey ears garlands out of different coloured paper to making Rapunzels amazing golden locks that wrap around your tree. 

This majestic crafting creation can be made from knitting yarn, scarves, ribbon or any other material you think can work as her hair and wrap around your tree. It just needs to be long enough!

Night Before Christmas Candleholders

The Nightmare Before Christmas Candleholders
Photo by: https://family.disney.com

For a spookier Disney Christmas crafts, you can make holders for your tea lights and decorate them. We used these clear glass tea light holders.

There are even candleholders that come in different colours which can be great if you assign a Disney character to a glass candleholder.

For instance, Elsa could be drawn or painted onto a blue glass candleholder, or anything relevant to Frozen. Or you could paint on Sally and Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas so not only is it spooky but adds a cosy warm feel to your Christmas filled room. 

All you need are some permanent markers or paint and you can bring your designs to life! Your house will feel extra cosy with your homemade Disney Candleholders illuminating your house.  

Enjoy making your Disney Christmas crafts this season!

disney christmas crafts

Disney Christmas Crafts