14 Delicious Christmas Treats

When it comes to delicious Christmas treats there are just so many to choose from! So we have compiled a list of some great ones for snacking and gifting.



This tasty treat is perfect for Christmas. It can be made using simple base ingredients and then jazzed up with whatever you want to add to it. If you’re not up for the task of making fudge you can find some amazing flavour variations. Fudge also makes a wonderful Christmas gift or stocking filler.

If you want to try your hand making fudge, Carnation has the ultimate fudge recipe here.

Mince Pie

mince pies

The humble mince pie is a classic Christmas treat. A must-have at every Christmas party and a simple snack for the day. Made from a simple shortcrust pastry and mincemeat filling made out of chopped dried fruits. It’s a great treat to make yourself.

Peppermint Bark

Peppermint bark
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Peppermint bark is a delicious Christmas treat made from peppermint sweet pieces layered in chocolate. It’s a fun make as it doesn’t require baking or much technical knowledge. You just need to be able to crush up candy canes or other peppermint sweets and melt chocolates.

Candy Canes

Christmas Candy Canes
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Candy canes are a classic Christmas staple. Whether you’re eating them or hanging them for decoration, a candy cane will really boost your festive feel!

Christmas Pudding

christmas pudding

A delightful holiday dessert. Christmas pudding is a perfect treat – even without a Christmas dinner beforehand.

Cinnamon Rolls

Easy Cinnamon Swirls

For a breakfast treat, you could have cinnamon rolls. The sweet cinnamon pastries are perfect for getting your Christmas morning started on a high.

If you want to try out making some cinnamon treats, check out our recipe for Easy Cinnamon Swirls.


Gingerbread men and women

When it comes to gingerbread the most common way you’ll see this delicious Christmas treat is as a person or a house. Both of these shapes can be used as an opportunity for a fun day decorating cookies and then eating them. Of course, if you make the gingerbread cookies yourself you can make them any shape you please.

Sugar Cookies

sugar cookies

These simple cookies can be cut and decorated into the most festive shapes and designs. Perfect for beginner bakers who want to make some fun festive treats to share. Like gingerbread cookies, these can be iced and used for temporary decoration before being gobbled up.


Christmas Stollen
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This German treat is a must-try this Christmas. It’s a delicious Christmas treat is a fruit bread that’s eaten in Germany during the holiday season.

Reindeer Mix 

reindeer mix
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A fun treat if you have kids is to make reindeer mix for a movie night. All you need is different chocolates, bite-sized cookies, cereal and pretzels. Mix them together in a bowl or food bags to make the ultimate kid-friendly movie snack.

M&M Christmas Cookies 

MM Christmas Cookies
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Swap out the usual chocolate chips in your cookie recipe and put some green and red M&Ms this Christmas. This is just a fun way to add a festive twist to a tried and tested treat.

Christmas Tree Cupcakes 

Christmas tree cupcake
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When it comes to decorating desserts, it’s time to pull out the green frosting. With a nice fluffy buttercream, you can turn your basic cupcakes into beautiful Christmas tree cupcakes. Decorated with hundreds and thousands, you’ll have the best trees in the neighbourhood.

Yule Log

Yule log

This traditional European dessert named after the holiday of yuletide is a Christmas must-have. Especially if you’re a chocolate lover. It’s a chocolate roulade, a bit like a swiss roll, but coated in chocolate goodness.

Festive Shaped Rice Krispie Treats 

Rice Krispie tree treat
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Rice Krispie treats are great all year round but if you have some festive cookie cutters you can make delicious Christmas treats. They are great to make with kids and could lend themselves to being a fun activity for all the family.

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14 Delicious Christmas Treats