Writing A Letter To Father Christmas As An Adult

If you want a big slice of nostalgia cake this Christmas, why not write a letter to Father Christmas? You may have thought you left the annual practice in childhood, but it can be a really good and fun way to self-reflect and figure out what you want before new year’s and writing up a resolution list.

Choose Your Approach To Writing a Letter to Father Christmas

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Writing For Nostalgia

There are different approaches you can take with your letter to Santa. You could go down the nostalgia route and simply lay out a list of all the things you want to find under your tree this Christmas.

Writing For Self-Reflection

You could also go down the self-reflection route. Tell Santa what you’ve done that’s naughty or nice throughout the year so he can determine which list you go on. This route will also allow you to use your letter to Santa as a look back through the year and see your wins clearly.

Writing For Manifestation

The final route you could go down is using your Christmas wish list for the manifestation of goodwill and a prosperous new year. Visualising and noting down positive things and what you want during the holiday season could bring you more joy during Christmas.

Now that you know some routes to do down, you have to get your pen and paper ready and start writing.

Tips For The Perfect Letter To Santa Claus

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Have A Clear Voice

We’ve probably heard the classic Christmas songs that address Santa. Santa Baby, Santa Tell Me and arguably All I Want For Christmas. One thing they all have in common is a clear voice for what they want from Saint Nick.

Even if you’re not mailing out your letter it helps when writing it to know what you want from it. For example, children know that what they want from their letter to Father Christmas is lots of presents.

Have Some Fun

There’s no point in writing a letter to Santa if you don’t tell him what you want for Christmas. To have some fun when you’re writing your letter and make the gift list as long as you want that way even if you don’t post if you know what you can ask for your Christmas presents and again later in the year birthday presents. Really treat yourself in the list you write.

Tips For Writing To Santa With Kids

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Have Your Kids Reflect On Their Year

When it comes to writing to Santa when you have children its best to sit them down and get them to do it all at once. A good practice for them is to have them start by writing down all the good things they’ve done that year. You can help their memory by telling them things you think they’ve done really well this year.

This is so that they can see their good deeds through the year as well as you get to tell them it helps Santa determine if they should be on the naughty or the nice list.

Prioritise Their Gifts

When they’re writing the gifts they want, you should have them start with what they believe to be the most important item to them. You can tell them it’s so that Santa knows what they really want this Christmas. This will also help them learn to prioritise things in the long run.

Make It Pretty

And lastly, when they’re doing their letter to Santa have them decorate it. This will give them something to do for the afternoon, evening or morning and it really adds some life to their letter so that Santa can know that they really put in the effort. 

Now you have all the tools for a great letter to Father Christmas, get writing and have fun!

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Writing a letter to father christmas as an adult