How to spend Christmas day on your own

Spending Christmas day on your own can be a fun experience. Yes, the holiday is advertised as a great family affair, but it doesn’t always have to be. There are many different situations that may lead you to have to celebrate on your own but there are things to keep yourself from feeling lonely and to help you feel the festive spirit.

Make A Plan

Making a plan for the day is crucial. You may be thinking, hey I’ll just wing it.Even if it’s a basic outline of the day it will give you something to follow and when you have tasks mapped out the day will whiz by before you know it. If you know you’re going to be alone on the day beforehand, plan for days before. Whether that’s sorting out a little grocery list because most shops are closed on the day, or going out and buying yourself some gifts to open. It’s good to have a plan in place.

Call Friends And Family

Girl alone Videocalling

Keeping in contact with the people you love on the day will help with any feelings of loneliness. A video call, sharing what you’ve been up to or your plans for the day can really help lift your spirits. Because what’s better than hearing your loved ones when you’re feeling a bit lonely? If you don’t currently have a favourite video calling platform, Zoom is a lot of fun with customisable backgrounds for you and your loved ones.

Keep Up With Tradition

If you’ve grown up with a whole host of Christmas traditions, it may be hard for you to leave them behind when spending Christmas alone. Keeping up with your traditions can make your Christmas a more enjoyable day, especially if you get your family on a video call and can carry it out together. This will make it feel like you’re all together and will certainly make you feel more at home on your own.

Line Up Your Entertainment

Christmas movie night
Christmas movie night

In the way the cinema has a movie lineup, you should too. Map out the media you want to consume throughout the day, this includes music, so that you keep yourself entertained as you go through the day. This can be scheduled when you make your plans so that you know when your quiet moments are and can prepare loads of snacks to marathon Christmas movies if you want. If you want a Christmas playlist, check out our post, Cosy Christmas Playlist.

Treat Yourself

Shower yourself with gifts on the day. This could be that new outfit you’ve had your eye on or one hundred bars of chocolate. Get it. You can also schedule yourself a pamper day. Put in your plan some fun self-care activities throughout the day. So that between all the festive food and Christmas movies you can just stop and relax.

Christmas Solo
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Enjoy Your Favourite Food

A way to brighten up your day will be to have a meal full of your favourite foods. Whether you want a roast or a simple meal. Make it! No one can tell you otherwise.  

Make The Holiday Your Own

If you’ve ever disliked an element of Christmas festivities, this is the time to get rid of them. Cutting out the bits of the holiday that you didn’t like will make it a more enjoyable day for you! Whether that’s a food item that’s always served at dinner that you don’t like or the never-ending Christmas songs. You don’t have to engage with them when holidaying alone.

Spending Christmas Day on your own could be a great chance to indulge in all the things you like to do, whether that is snuggling up under a mountain of blankets and watching movies all day whilst stuffing your face with delicious treats, or you practice some festive activities exactly the way you like. Either way, we hope you enjoy your solo Christmas Day!

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How to spend Christmas on your own