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Ultimate Christmas Planner

>>> Are YOU tired of having a stressful Christmas?

>>> Do you get overwhelmed by all the things you need to do… cooking, buying gifts, organising outings, managing family, etc?

>>> Are you hoping you could relax and experience an easy, joyful Christmas instead of rushing around doing errands?

>>> Does last-minute shopping and late-night food preps stress you out?

Trust us we know exactly how you feel.


Imagine a Christmas that is easy. A Christmas where you can concentrate on fun, family, and love.

Imagine a Christmas where you have time to complete a few festive tasks a day but mainly focus on enjoying the magic of the season.

Imagine a Christmas that is truly special.

Ultimate Christmas Planner

Ultimate Christmas Planner

INTRODUCING the Ultimate Christmas Planner! A simple and easy way to get organised for Christmas in advance. This is the best Christmas planner to use this year.


By setting aside a little bit of time every week leading up to Christmas you can plan and experience a Christmas that is full of fun and magic, and most importantly as stress-free as possible. 

Using a Christmas Planner gives you back time over December so you can enjoy more Christmas fun and less last-minute stress.

What is actually in the Ultimate Christmas Planner?

The Ultimate Christmas Planner is a 106-page planner containing 10 sections of worksheets, checklists, template schedules, calendars, to-do lists, letter templates, and so much more. PLUS, when you buy the full Ultimate Christmas Planner you get 3 BONUSES. 

The planner is a PDF digital download that you will receive immediately after payment.


You can then choose to print the entire planner out at home or pick the sections and pages that will be of most use to you personally to plan your perfect Christmas.

  • 106 pages
  • 10 sections plus exclusive bonus pages
  • Instant digital download
  • Print at home
  • Pick and choose the best planner pages and/or sections to suit your personal planning style

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Ultimate Christmas Planner sections:

  • Activities
  • Organisation
  • Budgeting
  • Gifts 
  • Cards
  • Food 
  • Decor
  • Santa
  • Guests
  • Cleaning
  • PLUS exclusive bonus pagesS

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Activities Planning

1. Activities

The activities section is where you plan all the fun things for Christmas. This is for planning events, outings, movies to watch, books to read, crafts to make, etc.

We recommend starting off with the traditions worksheet to make a note of your favourite traditions at Christmastime as well as any new ones you would like to try out. 

Then use the bucket list and activities list pages to plan the kinds of things you want to do this year. 

Use the events page to keep track of anything you have been invited to or any outings you want to book. 

The advent calendar ideas and elf of the shelf planner pages are great if you are doing those activities this season.

The movie checklist and movies to watch pages are fun for tracking what amazing films to watch this Christmas.

Choose from the crafts to make and/or the crafts planner pages if you’re feeling creative. And on Christmas Day itself, you can use the photo checklist to make sure you’ve captured all the magical moments as they happen.

Christmas organisation

2. Organisation

The organization section of the Ultimate Christmas Planner contains 29 pages of tasks lists, weekly planners, daily schedules, monthly calendars, to-do lists, and more. This section is all about managing your time over the coming weeks and months. By planning ahead and breaking down seemingly large and overwhelming things to do into smaller, more manageable tasks reduces stress, and allows for more time to be spent on fun stuff.

We recommend starting with the goals and intentions worksheet. Spend a good amount of time really honing in on what matters to you this festive season.

Once you had set out your winter goals and intentions, you can move on to using the monthly calendars along with the weekly planners to break down your goals into achievable tasks to be completed over time.

We have created a comprehensive festive tasks lists for the months of October, November, and December to help guide you through working in a timely manner to get organised. We suggest lots of tasks to think about as well leaving room for you to add in your own tasks.

If you are hosting any parties this Christmas use the party planner page to plan the event. 

We also have blank notes, checklist, and to-do list pages which you can customise and use as you prefer to get organised this Christmas.

As you go into December consider using the wrapping station checklist to make sure you have all the supplies you need to wrap gifts this Christmas.

To help you with the busy and hectic days we have created a daily schedule template for Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Eve, as well as a generic template schedule. All are broken down into half-hourly increments so you can plan any of these holidays to make sure the day runs smoothly.

Christmas Budget

3. Budgeting

The budgeting section of the planner is designed to be simple and easy to use tools to plan your budget for the festive season. The best way to keep Christmas affordable is to plan your budget and keep track of expenses. We know how easy it is to get carried away in the all the excitement! 

Start off with the financial plan pages. Either use the pre-filled out template or use the blank one to list the kinds of expenses you expect at Christmas and how much you want to budget for each. You can refer back to this page often and update with the actual amount spent to see where your money is going.

If you prefer a simpler approach use the budget sheet to list the items you expect to pay out for then fill in the actual amount spent when you get to it.

Another page is an expenses tracker which allows you to track and categorise all expenses. It can be useful to print a few copies of this page as necessary and total up per category at the end of the season.

Finally, we have a meal budget planner. Christmas meals can often be one of the largest expenses so it helps to plan the courses, ingredients, and extras to stay within budget. This is also useful if you are splitting the cost of the festive meal with others. 

Gifts and cards planning

4. Gifts 

The gifts section of the planner helps you with planning who to buy for, what to gift, what to make, when online shopping is arriving, and even what you wish for this year.

Use the gifts ideas pages to brainstorm giftees, what to give or make them, where to buy from, and budget.

Alternatively, if you would rather go the handmade gift route, use the homemade gift planner to plan and track the projects. 

Once you are buying gifts use the gifts tracker so you remember what to buy as well as what you have already picked up.

Another approach is to use the tabled gifts tracker by person if you like to give more than one present to some people. 

Use the stocking stuffers page to list any items you pick up for each person, as well as the cost and if you’ve bought them yet.

The online shopping tracker is ideal if you are ordering a lot of gifts online. Use it to list what you have bought, where from, and when it is due to be delivered.

And of course, don’t forget to spend some time thinking about what you might like to receive this year. Use the wish list to help guide others with the kinds of gifts you would enjoy. Print as many of these as you like and get all your loved ones to fill them out for optimum gift-giving.

Use the gifts received tracker page to make a note of any gifts you receive, who they are from, and when you have sent a thank you card.  

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5. Cards

Sending Christmas cards is such an easy and lovely way to let people know you are thinking of them. 

Use the Christmas card checklist to make a list of everyone you wish to send a card to and tick them off as you write the cards out.

And print out as many of the address book pages as you need to note everyone’s address and keep for future use!

Food and meal planning

6. Food 

Food and drink at Christmas is often cited as one of the best bits of the festive season. However, with all the meals, events, parties, visitors and overnight guests it can get a bit hectic. To save you from existing on nothing but mince pies and mulled wine (although if that’s your preference, go for it!) we have pulled together some super useful planner pages. 

To get started use the food ideas pages to brainstorm ideas for recipes you would like to make over the festive season including baking, edible gifts, drinks, your favourite past recipes, and any new recipes you would like to try. 

Baking is often a favourite Christmas past time so use the baking list page to list any recipes you want to try as well as old favourites along with the source. That will save you time riffiling through old magazines trying to find that epic cake recipe from last year.

As December often goes by in the blur with all the fun and festivities, we use the epic December meal planner to map out as many meals as we can ahead of time. There is space for breakfast, lunch, and diner for every day of December. It’s a great way to plan meals, and also useful to making sure you try out all those yummy recipes!

If you would rather just plan for the busy Christmas week or if you want more detail on your planner, use the Christmas week meal plan which covers the 20th to 26th December.

For a more detailed approach to particular meals, especially on those special days, use the meal planner page where there is space to write recipes, ingredients, or general ideas for appestisers, mains, sides, desserts, drinks, and extras. 

Once you know what food and ingredients you will need for your meals, use the grocery checklist page to list everything you need. And don’t forget what you need to make the meals, use the handy kitchen equipment checklist to make sure you have what you need.

On the day itself, you might want to use the cooking schedule template to plan timings for each step of the recipes. There is space to write how long each step might take, along with who might do each task. This is always useful when a few people are cooking a big meal together. 

Finally, if you would like to present your guests with a menu, we have created a beautiful menu template for you to print out and write out the meal to be served that day.

Decor planning

7. Decor

Decorating the house at Christmas brings so much joy to the home. To make the most of this opportunity to dress the house with festive decorations in a way that suits you, we have 5 decor planning pages to help.

Firstly, use the decor ideas pages to brainstorm you ideas for colours, styles, themes for your holiday decor. There is space to make note of which rooms you want to decorate, where to get any extra supplies or decorations, and any decorations you wish to make.  You could sketch out some ideas or list anything new you want to try out this year. Let your imagination take you!

Once you have your ideas, use the decor planner to make notes of how you wish to decorate each room/area of your home and anything that is needed for it.

Use the decor inventory page to do an audit of the Christmas decorations you already own. It’s useful to take stock of what you have already, where it is stored, and how many of each item you have. Once you have a clear idea of any gaps you have, you can move on to the next stage.

Finally, use the decor checklist to make a list of any decorative items you wish to buy or make. 

Santa planning

8. Santa

For Santa planning the Christmas planner contains 7 pages to help you out.

The Christmas wish list can be printed out as many times as you need for the children in your life. It contains a few prompts to help the kids write a range of different gifts they might like. The wish list also includes a list for the children to write their favourites which should help you get inspired on what to buy the little ones. 

There are two different options for the letter to Santa or Father Christmas, depending on what your family prefers to call him. This is a letter template aimed at younger children who are new to writing.

Finally, we have four options for you to choose from if you wish your child to receive a letter from the desk of Santa. Either pick a pre-written letter from either Santa Claus or Father Christmas or use either of the blank templates and write your own letter.  

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Guest planning

9. Guests

Having guests visit or come to stay can be a source of stress and overwhelm. These four guest planning pages will help you plan for any tasks and preparations you need to do before they arrive. So you can be a picture of calm as you welcome them into your home.

We have created an overnight guest checklist with a long list of tasks that you might want to consider and complete before the guests arrive. There is also a blank overnight guests checklist for you to make your own list.

We often have guests coming and going over the festive period, so use the overnight guest tracker to make a note of who is coming, their date and time of arrival, any specific sleeping arrangements, dietary requirements, and their favourite food and drink. 

There is also a guests food preferences tracker which is useful if you have regular visitors. Make a note of any allergies or intolerances along with food and drink they particularly like, and they will be thankful and impressed when you remember in the future. 

Cleaning plans

10 Cleaning

Cleaning is often the least fun bit of Christmas, but we do want to make sure our homes are clean and tidy before guests arrive. Or even just to make the house nice for us to enjoy on our own.

First, there is an epic deep clean checklist which we recommend starting in advance, preferably in November. 

Next, there is a cleaning planner divided into rooms and areas of the home. Use this to list out any cleaning tasks you would like to do in those areas. Print as many of these as you need for the festive season.

Finally, there is a cleaning schedule. Use this to plan when to do each of your cleaning tasks. It’s always best to do little and often rather than feel overwhelmed with one huge cleaning list in one day. 

Christmas planner bonuses

PLUS exclusive bonus pages

Each of the sections listed above can be purchased separately, but these extra special bonus pages are exclusive to the Ultimate Christmas Planner bundle. 

The first bonus is the 2022 notes worksheet which is designed to help you reflect on the Christmas you have just experienced and what you would like to think about for the following year.

The next bonus is a beautiful copy of the famous Christmas poem, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’

And the final bonus is a festive morning routine worksheet. The festive season can be stressful and overwhelming, so to help you feel calm and centered use this worksheet to devise a morning routine that prioritizes your needs. 

How to use the Ultimate Christmas Planner

  1. As soon as you purchase the Ultimate Christmas Planner you will receive the link to download the digital file to your computer. 
  2. The file comes in PDF format so please ensure you can open it with a compatible program on your computer.
  3. Either print the entire PDF document of 106 pages in order to use all of the Christmas planner.
  4. Or choose the specific pages or sections that would work best for you to plan your ideal Christmas. 
  5. We recommend using a hole-puncher to hole punch each page and add to a folder with dividers. 
  6. Customise each page to make it personalised, or keep it simple if you prefer.
  7. Print out extra sheets as necessary.


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