Where to visit reindeers in the UK

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Did you know you can visit reindeers in the UK? When it comes to Christmas the reindeers are just as important as Santa. How else is he supposed to give gifts to all the children? So this Christmas take your kids to go and visit the reindeer. Here are some places around the UK where you can go and see reindeer this Christmas.

Reindeer With Sleigh
Reindeer With Sleigh

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Powerscourt in Wicklow

For a fun day out with the kids, this festive season a trip to the Powerscourt Stables is perfect. You can meet a whole host of animals at the stables as well as Santa’s reindeer. The Powerscourt Stables are located beside Powerscourt Garden Pavilion.

Newbridge House and Farm in Dublin

What better day out than going on a reindeer spotting walk? Take the family to Newbridge House and Farm to visit reindeers, which can be spotted as you walk around. If you go on Christmas Eve you may even see Santa feeding them.

Reindeer in greenery
Reindeer in greenery


The Cairngorm National Park in Cairngorm

The Cairngorm Park is the UK’s only free-range herd of reindeer, so not only are you taking your family for a fun day out to see Santa’s furry friends, but you are also having an ethical day out!
These reindeer are completely native to Scotland and are there all year round, but Christmas is the most magical time of year to visit them.

Reindeer in snow
Reindeer in snow


Pundfflad Farm in Swansea

During the farms Christmas Winter Wonderland events from November 16 to Christmas Eve. You can go and visit the reindeer, whilst picking out a Christmas tree. This is a fun day out for the family but to see when you can see the reindeer, you need to double-check the times for the day on their website.

Bargoed Winter Fair in Bargoed Town Centre

On November 25th (exactly a month to Christmas day) everyone is invited to Bargoed’s celebrations. With a whole host of things going on during the fair, it’s no surprise that there will be reindeer you can visit. So whether you are out Christmas shopping or there for the fair you can say hi to some reindeer.

Reindeer With Harness
Reindeer With Harness


Cotswold Reindeer Herd in the Cotswolds

The Cotswold is a very scenic spot during the holidays, providing the perfect atmosphere to visit reindeers. From November 21st to Christmas Eve, you can go and visit reindeer at The Cotswold Reindeer Herd. You can get up close and personal with the reindeer when you go and visit them.

Beamish Museum in County Durham

Beamish Museum is known for its Victorian theme but from November 17 until Christmas Eve you can go and feed reindeer when you visit. Seeing the reindeer is part of the museums Christmas events.

Whitworth Hall in Manchester

Unlike the rest of the places, you can go and meet reindeer in England. Whitworth Hall has the reindeer open to visitors all year round. You can bring some Christmas to a family trip at any point in the year. With their experience, you can go into the reindeer enclosure when you go to see them.

Capralama Farm near Kent

For those in the south, you can visit reindeer at The Reindeer Centre at Capralama Farm. You can go and visit them and even feed them a carrot.

That has been some of the best places to visit reindeers all around the UK this Christmas. Be sure to check their individual sites for more specific times and any price needed to see the majestic animals.

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where to visit reindeer in the uk