Relaxing December Routine

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Want to have a fun, relaxing December routine? Then look no further, we’ve got you sorted for the day to help you have a productive day this winter season.

You can adapt this routine however you please. These are just a basic guideline and some of these things we do as part of our routine. If you have yet to create your own morning routine we highly recommend trying a few different things until you settle on what feels right for you. 

First thing in the morning

First thing in the morning routine
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So after you’ve hit snooze on the alarm a couple of times as it’s still quite dark out even though it’s about 8 o’clock. Or if you aren’t like me and get up right away then I envy you. But anyway here is a simple morning routine for you this December to help you get through the cold mornings. 

Stretch – it is always best to have a quick stretch when you wake up to wake the rest of your body up

Fluffy socks – put on some fluffy socks, or slippers to keep those feet warm. A little tip I’ve learnt with the fluffy socks is to keep them under your pillow that way they are somewhat warm when you put them on in the morning.

Jumper / Dressing gown – pop on your warmest jumper or dressing gown so that you don’t feel the cold air and want to jump immediately back into bed.

Once you are out of bed

Shakshuka Recipe for brunch
Shakshuka Recipe for brunch

Have a glass of water – drinking water first thing is great for the body.

Make yourself a nice hot drink – obviously, if you don’t have a hot drink then make whatever drink you prefer in the morning. We hear the lemon water is a great way to start the day.

Make a hearty, filling brekkie – if you make yourself a good hearty, filling brekkie then you will be set for the day, full of energy.

Morning pages / To-do list – to know what you want to do for the day write out everything you need to do that day. As well as writing out some morning meditation pages in your favourite notebook.

Take the dog for a walk (if you have one) – take the dog out for a walk, feed the dog or any other pets you may have.

Prepping for the day

Festive winter routine window
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Shower (if you shower in the morning) – try not to have the shower too hot, it may feel nice because it’s cold weather. That might make you more sleepy so just have a quick body wash so your fresh for the day, especially after going for a walk.

Wash your face and do your face routine – a clean face will sure to wake you up and get you ready to brace the day.

Open the curtains – don’t leave the curtains closed throughout the day, it may be dark in the morning but it just means you get to watch the sunrise. 

Plan your meals for the day – if you don’t know what you’re eating as your meals for the day, sit down and plan them so you know if you need to get anything. You could even prep the food you’re going to make to help save time and listen to your fave Christmas tunes.

Getting started

Getting Started with Festive Routine
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Turn on / off Christmas lights – depending on when you prefer to have your Christmas lights on, either turn them off from the night before or turn on specific ones to enjoy throughout the day.

Put on your outfit of the Day – if you haven’t already chosen your outfit for the day ahead, see what the weather holds for the day and dress appropriately for the day. We are mostly living in big fluffy jumpers over the winter.

Get everything done – all the chores that you need to do that day done. We like to do a once over with the vacuum to pick up any Christmas tree needles that have dropped overnight. The earlier the better that way you can chill out for the rest of the day.

Do something festive – Pick a festive activity from our ultimate festive bucket list

Winding down

Winding Down With Wine
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Comfy clothing – after a long day doing chores and prepping for the evening (meals, etc) get yourself into some comfy clothes to help start to wind down and relax. 

Hot drink and snack – make yourself a hot drink and a little snack for you to enjoy as you start to get yourself ready for the evening ahead. 

Start dinner – once dinner is on, you can sit back and relax for the period it takes for your meal to cook

WINE TIME – treat yourself to a glass of wine, or beverage of your choice to really help you relax for the evening

Stick on a film – pop your favourite Christmas Movie on whilst you enjoy your glass of wine and cook.

Christmas Lights – put on all the Christmas lights around your house, so you are basking in your own winter wonderland.

Nighttime festive routine

Nighttime Festive Routine
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Light candles – after you’ve eaten and tidied, lit some Christmas scented candles so your house smells Christmassy just before you go to bed

Bath – run yourself a lovely relaxing bath, with bubble bath, scented candles. You could even watch a film in the bath, read a Christmas novel or listen to some Christmassy tunes. 

Pampering session – put a facemask on and relax in your dressing gown, or pj’s after your relaxing bath. You could then even give yourself a pedicure and make your toes look Christmassy.

Sleep – after your productive day, you then deserve to have some well-earned shut-eye. Getting your 8 hours in, feeling relaxed and ready for the next day.

Relaxing December Routine