Gorgeous Winter Weddings

We all love a beautiful wedding, whether we are involved in the wedding, a friend or family member is getting married or you are the bride or groom. It’s a magical event where two people come together to declare their love. There is something so inviting about a gorgeous winter wedding that we had to share with you some of the ideas we have found.

When it comes to winter weddings you can either go down the root of a variety of different themes. The wedding doesn’t just have to be Christmas-themed, it could be Rustic, Elegant, Winter Wonderland, even Harry Potter or Disney! Some even combine these themes to make a Gorgeous Winter Wedding theme.

Ideally, the theme of the wedding also often has to mesh well with whatever colour scheme is chosen.

We’ve listed some classic Gorgeous Winter Wedding themes in hopes to inspire you for if you are planning a wedding or just love weddings!

Christmas Winter Wedding

Christmas Winter Weddings
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As Christmas is right around the corner people often plan their wedding just before Christmas Day so that celebrations can last throughout the entire holiday. Or the wedding is planned and set to be held after Christmas so that people can celebrate right through into the New Year. 

With a Christmas Wedding theme, the colour scheme normally sticks to the traditional colours of Christmas. This means that the colours that feature are predominantly Reds, Golds and White with aspects of wooden features. This is to bring the natural side of Christmas (the trees, etc.) into the wedding.

With the wooden features, these can be in the bride and bridesmaids bouquets where they will have classic Christmas/Winter flower arrangements. These could be bulked out with branches perhaps, leaves and other forms of shrubbery, evergreens and herbs. 

Christmas Wedding Centrepiece
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Though this also means that when it comes to decorating the venue, gold decorations and red are going to be the primary features of decorations. Hanging golden stars, mistletoe, red and gold baubles hanging on the backs of chairs or as table decor that holds the place cards. In the centre of the tables, there may even be a miniature Christmas tree, possibly with few decorations so that no attention is drawn away from any of the other main decoration features.  

Rustic Winter Wedding

Rustic Winter Wedding
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To stick with the natural and fresh theme of Christmastime and the cold, cosy season of winter a rustic theme is all the rage. The rustic theme is a highly popular theme amongst couples planning their wedding and how can blame them. The rustic feel to a wedding bring people down to the earth’s roots, feeling in touch with nature as well as feeling the emotions of the wedding, nothing is distracting them away from the couple. 

Majority of the decor is likely to be natural lighting, however, because it is winter fairy lights, candles and other forms of warm lighting will be distributed around the venue. Most decorations would be natural, lots of natural decorations like pinecones that can either hold the place cards. Or they are covered in wax as a gift for your guests so they can be used to start a fire in a fireplace to keep them warm this winter. 

Most people link the themes of rustic and bohemian together, as both themes are incredibly similar to one another. Meaning that the boho style of dress is chosen to fit the theme of the wedding, yet makes enough of a statement to wow the guests.

Rustic Wedding Cake
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As well as the dress having its moment to make its statement at the wedding, the cake also is a major part of the wedding. Unless you are not a fan of cake or having a wedding cake there are alternatives, like brownies, pies, tarts or even an ice cream bar. 

Winter Wonderland Wedding

Winter Wonderland Wedding
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Everyone’s dream at Christmastime is having their own winter wonderland. So what about having a Winter Wonderland Wedding. All things snowy, white, bright lights and of course gorgeous flowers and decor. 

A Winter Wonderland truly is the dream, especially if you have a snowy location. Even if there is no snow, that does not mean that the wedding is not a Winter Wonderland. Inside the venue and the ceremony is where the magic happens the chosen decor for a beautiful Winter Wonderland is sure to wow all the guests at the wedding. 

The white or blue lights will make the venue seem icy and cool, and very much like a glacier. However, with hints and hews of warm yellow lighting will add that effect of fire, and warmth which all Winter Wonderlands need in order to feel cosy and warm. 

Winter Wonderland Centrepiece
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With white decor covering the venue with hints of silver to make the decorations stand out. Glass ornaments and glass decorations adding the effect of ice to the Winter Wonderland wedding, for instance, glass candle holders.

Harry Potter Winter Wedding

Harry Potter Winter Wedding
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Christmastime is already a magical time, so why not add to the magic by having a Harry Potter influenced wedding. The wedding can be inspired from the Yule Ball in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, not only is it set at Christmas but it is a large event quite like a wedding is. 

By keeping the wedding still with the theme of Harry Potter, incorporate some wintry aspects throughout the decorations,etc. The flowers could match the colour scheme of the wedding or of the Hogwarts houses if the colour is available for the flower that is desired. Candles are a must-have at winter weddings to add that warmth and cosiness to the wedding, but to also add that magical Harry Potter aspect.

Having a little area of warm soups like tomato, chicken and potato and leek with some bread or even a half of a cheese toastie is a great snack/starter for the guests to enjoy whilst photos are being taken and just chatting with other guests before being seated. 

Harry Potter Wedding Centrepieces
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Adding elements of Harry Potter throughout your winter wedding like wands, and other various Harry Potter memorabilia to the venue and tables is sure to make the event not only fun and exciting but more memorable. Tables can be named after Harry Potter characters, places or Hogwarts Houses. 

Disney Winter Wedding

Disney Winter Wedding
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Once again, why not add more magic to the already magical day but having the wedding as a Disney theme. Which is the most wintry of all? Frozen of course! That doesn’t mean to say everything is to do with Frozen. However, adding influences of the film throughout the wedding will make the Disney effect strong and magical. 

By having lighting that is relatively white and blue with hews of warm yellow will create that cool feeling much like Elsa’s ice palace. Even have the light effect of having snowflakes shine across the room, as though the room is snowing. From this having a snow machine that blows snow throughout the venue every so often will truly make the wedding seem magical in the snowy wedding venue. 

Decorations can include all things similar to the Winter Wonderland wedding. By having glass candle holders to represent the ice and white, silver and blue at the colour scheme the wedding is sure to shout Disney’s Frozen.

Disney Wedding Dress
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Wedding dresses can often be rather tricky to find, they are a very personal thing to buy. Though with the influence of Elsa and the magical kingdom of Arendale. Finding a wedding dress to fit the theme will make the dress stand out and be the statement piece of the wedding. 

Hope you are feeling inspired with these stunning winter weddings. Don’t the look just wonderful. We think winter is the perfect time to get married. 

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