10 Pretty Festive Fireplace Displays

You may be looking for some beautiful and festive and pretty fireplace displays, to help inspire you this Christmas. The mantelpiece is the centre point of the living room and is a great place to really create an impact with your decorative theme this festive season. If you need inspiration on holiday fireplace decor, here are 10 different ideas to get your started.

Green Garland
Photo – Craft Berry Bush


Garlands are long stretches of evergreen leaves and other decorations – usually lights or berries. They are perfect for making a pretty fireplace display at Christmas as they are the best bits of the tree but delivered in a way that you can casually drape them over your fireplace.

You can tie them into your tree by winding in the same lights as around your tree or hooking baubles onto one. The great thing about garlands is that they can be dressed up or understated and can be used with other decorations to make a fuller look on your fireplace.


Bunting Christmas Fireplace
Image from Pinterest Perry and Harrison company


If a garland isn’t your style or doesn’t fit the rest of your Christmas room décor, bunting across the front of your fireplace is an idea that you could try. It’s fun, pretty and a little bit different. You can buy it or DIY it, hanging cards or Christmas messages in the room.

Candles and Garland Christmas Mantlepiece
Photo – FrancoisetMoi


Whether an advent candle or tea lights candles can really light up a fireplace. A really elegant look would have tall candles in silver candle holders amongst any low foliage atop the fireplace. Or, you could have a mix of tall wider candles and tea lights without foliage.

christmas ornaments garland
Photo – The Lily Pad Cottage


Placing ornaments like baubles on your fireplace will add a little festive spirit as well as tying into the main tree in your home if you use the same ornaments. If you don’t have that much space on top of the mantel you can place small trees at the corners of a mantlepiece which you can then decorate.

Floral fireplace arrangement
Image from Melanie Lissack Interiors

Festive Floral Arrangements

If plain green garlands and wreaths are not your style, maybe a festive floral arrangement will do the trick? Using Poinsettia flowers and red berries in a beautifully arranged will liven up your fireplace, whilst keeping a distinctively festive feel. You can also use roses and other flowers in the arrangement if you want to branch out from red and green.

Fireplace scene
Photo – Monika Hibbs

Create a scene on the mantel top

You can get figurines and small festive statues and position them on the top of your mantel in order to create a scene. Whether that’s the traditional nativity or a fun Christmas scene featuring Santa Clause and his reindeer. There are many things you can do to add a little festive jazz to your fireplace.


Stocking and Garland Fireplace
Source unknown

Hanging Stockings

When it comes to traditional fireplace decorations, stockings are as traditional as they get. Whether this is the main decoration with nothing else on the fireplace, or hung with a garland across the fireplace top, they are a quintessential Christmas decoration and will give your fireplace that pretty and comfy look.

Wreath about fireplace
Photo – Balsam Hill


Like garlands, wreaths are an easy way to add some festive colour to your fireplace. However, unlike garlands, you don’t drape wreaths, you hang them up. So if you have a little undecorated wall above your fireplace a wreath will be the perfect pretty addition. If you have a garland, you can tie to two together or you can have your wreath completely unrelated.

For more wreath ideas, check out our post 9 Christmas Wreath Ideas.


Noel Lettering Christmas fireplace
Image from Elderadventures.blogspot.com


If you want simple but impactful, having wooden letters spelling out something festive or a sign placed atop your mantel will do the job of adding some festivity to your fireplace.

Pine Cone Garland
Photo – Bjorn Wallander via CountryLiving

Foraged Items

When it comes to foraging items for decorative purposes, think more twigs and pinecones. Things you can easily dress up or arrange on your fireplace to give it a rustic feel.

What holiday fireplace decor is your favourite?

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