12 Epic Christmas Lights on Houses

At Christmastime, driving past and looking at all the epic Christmas lights on houses is a must-do activity. Whether you go out with the kids to show them the lights or just for you to gaze upon them yourself. Here are some of the coolest Christmas lights on houses.

Gingerbread house

Crazy Colourful lights
Image from NYChristmaslights.com

This house plays on the gingerbread house tradition. Illuminating the key features like the doorway and windows the way you would outline a candy-coated gingerbread house. The icing on the cake is the little gingerbread men lining the fence at the front, under the watchful eye of the big gingerbread man.

A Little Bit Of Everything

Fun Christmas lights
Image from Duanegitar via Flickr

From the nativity to Santa and snowmen, this house has it all in lights. This house is an explosion of colour with every Christmas theme available on show. It is definitely an incredible sight to behold and surely brightens up the neighbourhood.

Simple But Effective

Simple Christmas lights
Image from Le Monsieur de le Coin Bureau via Flickr

This simple design is the perfect way to gently illuminate your home whilst keeping it fun at Christmas. focusing on the trees and key points of the home creates a wonderful outline effect on the house and its surroundings.

Santas Grotto

Shining Christmas lights
Image from Noel Brewer via Flickr

This over the top hodgepodge of lights features many light-up Santa figurines, you may spend ages trying to spot them all. The little Ferris wheel amongst the light-up reindeers adds a bit of winter cheer as well as something a little different from Santa.

Deck The Halls 

House covered in lights
Image from Andrew Dallos via Flickr

This design is fairly simple, just a lot of lights plastered onto every visible surface. As you drive by it may give the effect of a wall of colour which would be fun to pass.

Peace On Earth

Neon Christmas house
Image from Craigford via Flickr

Using text in your light show is a really effective way to get the message of your decorations across to passers-by. This house has some jolly figures and sweets around the phrase ‘Peace on Earth’ which gives the display a happy and hopeful feel.

The Christmas House

Over the top lights
Image from Brit.co

From the hedge out front to the ceiling of this house, the Christmas spirit shines bright. Aptly named the Christmas house, children would be captivated looking at all aspects of this house’s lights.

Climbing Santa 

City home Christmas lights
Image from Phil Dokas via Flickr

In the inner city, it’s hard to come by fully lit up homes. But here is one where you have Santa climbing up the front of the building, illuminated by light up wreaths and garlands on the balconies. Having the Santa look like he’s climbing a rope up the home is a very creative way of depicting the way Santa gets to the roof.

Golden Glow of The Holiday Season

Joyous Christmas lights
Image from Jen Hartnett via Pinterest

Opting to go with warm lights, this house gives off a nice warmth when you see it. Going with the traditional Christmas colours of red, green and gold this house generates the Christmas spirit.

Ice Palace

Icy Christmas lights
Image from Nyack Home via Pinterest

A stark contrast from the last house, the white lights on this house give off a distinctive chill of winter when you look at it. Paired with light-up snowmen and other blue lights this is house embodies winter.

Rainbow Scene

Colourful Christmas home
Image from Frolicthroughlife.com

From the 100 light-up nutcrackers to the Santa on the roof, this house is a feast for the eyes. You can play a game of spot the Christmas imagery with this house, as there is even a small light-up nativity scene as well as Victorian figures outside of this well lit home.

A Classy Touch Of Light 

Simple elegant Christmas lights
Image from Renee Jordan @Heythereney on Instagram

Last but not least is this classy take on lighting up your home at Christmas. Instead of bright lights adorning the house, they have just decorated the trees and put some light up garlands and wreaths up to illuminate the front of the building. If you are not a fan of bright colours, this may be an easy and pretty option to bring some light to the outside of your home.

These have been 12 of our favourite Christmas lights on houses. This Christmas why not venture outside with your decor. Whether that’s with lights or a wreath. If you do want to get a wreath for your door, see our post 9 Christmas Wreath Ideas for inspiration. 

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